OLD ENOUGH TO SAVE THE PLANET: A Nod to Nonfiction Earth Day Titles

How can people join the fight against climate change?

That’s the premise behind a middle grade series that I’m currently submitting to publishing houses.

But what is climate change exactly?

It’s not one simple answer, and that’s what I like about the book WHAT IS CLIMATE CHANGE? By Gail Herman. Easy to digest, this 107-page book breaks it all down with a few black and white illustrations sprinkled in.

Here are five great resources for middle grade readers who want to learn more about our changing world and specific ways they can get involved.


by Julie Beer

A National Geographic Kids Issue
Putting plastic in the recycling bin is the last option not the first!
Separated into 7 chapters, this hands-on book is all about how to be a waste warrior.


by Loll Kirby (picture book for older readers)

12 real life children from across the globe making positive changes like:
Felix from Germany: I’m big enough to save our trees…
Himangi from India: I’m resourceful enough to reduce traffic pollution…
Adeline from Indonesia: I’m powerful enough to preserve the environment…
…and then the kids share how they did it.


WHAT A WASTE: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting Our Planet
by Jess French

Everything we do creates waste. Find out where it goes, how it affects our planet, and what we can do to reduce the problem. Colorful photos and diagrams and easy-to-read print.


HOW TO CHANGE EVERYTHING: A Young Human’s Guide to Protecting the Planet And Each Other
by Naomi Klein

A toolkit for young activists—at 300 pages, it’s a little long for my taste but has good advice.


A KID’S GUIDE TO SAVING THE PLANET: It’s Not Hopeless and We’re Not Helpless
by Paul Douglas

Informative and thought-provoking