Because of Khalid 

Chris, a 12-year-old African American boy from Chicago, never expected to find himself in the remote western Serengeti of Africa. 

So when he moves there with his parents to help them run a tented safari camp, he has a hard time adjusting. Where once school and friends were the norm, Chris’s new reality includes unpredictable Internet service and wild animals running through the camp. 

Then Chris meets Khalid, a young Maasai warrior who teaches him not just the Swahili language but also all about the land, the animals and the very heart of the Serengeti. When a local elephant is illegally hunted for its ivory tusks, Chris fights to save the majestic animal and the fantastic new place he now calls home. 

Staff Recommendation
HIDDEN GEMS for youth fiction
— Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District
Spring March-May 2021

About Carolyn Armstrong 

Carolyn strives to make Earth Day a priority every day. She rescues birds, dogs, and has even adopted an orphaned elephant (symbolically of course)! Carolyn writes stories that foster a love of the environment and global awareness. While traveling to Tanzania, Africa, she fell in love with the Serengeti elephants which inspired BECAUSE OF KHALID, a middle grade, coming of age novel. It’s an armchair travel book for animal-loving enthusiasts. During research for her next novels, Carolyn has become a dedicated warrior against single use plastics. She is featured in Bloomberg for her sustainability efforts.

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