“Mrs. Armstrong takes learning and fun and puts them together. There is no one I have met that does it better. She really motivated me!”

— Elsa A. (age 10)

Interested in having me visit your school or library? Great!

The novels are middle grade fiction, aimed for ages 9-12. Many adults who have read them report that the books are both entertaining and informative, so I visit local book clubs too!

Grades 2-6: Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day!
My process for writing about climate change—from dream to draft to done. And a call to action—simple ways kids can be more sustainable.

Fee: $250 for 1 session or purchase of a class set (25) of books.

Length: 30-minute presentation, not including Q&A

Available for purchase: all indie bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

At The Edge Of The Ice ISBN: 979-8-218-22003-7
No Time To Waste ISBN: 979-8-218-39237-6

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Armstrong speaks passionately about writing and climate science. She hooks her audience with the novel’s conflict and leaves them with tangible ways to positively impact the planet.

— Meaghan H.
Middle School teacher
The Academy at St. Joan of Arc

“Carolyn’s presentation was engaging for people of all ages! Young and old were excited and curious about the Arctic facts and photos she shared, as well as the clever way she brought us into the presentation based on her book characters. Weeks later, people are still talking about the impact of the presentation and how they are being eco-warriors in their homes and community.”

— Katie Nahrwold, educator and environmental community advocate

Carolyn’s presentation offered my students a glimpse into a real author’s experience. Most importantly, she connected her writing process with their writing process and demonstrated how to take action for a cause.

— Jennifer Kahlenberg
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Sunset Ridge School